Fame and infamy

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Does wanting to be famous preclude you from ever being famous?

I'm not sure. There are lots of people who hunger for fame and many of them try extremely hard, only to fail. Maybe only those who don't seek fame become famous? How do famous people get that way? Skill and talent don't take you all that far, though you need them to get noticed. After that, I suspect it's who you know and the choices you make. That's true for just about everything, though...

I'm among a small group of women friends who would like to be well-known in our various fields. Some of us want to be renowned for being talented, some hope for fame as a way to bring them a flow of interesting things to do. Maybe a few of us wouldn't mind fortune, either. I have no doubt whatsoever that at least one of us is going to make it big.

I guess I'll just do what I do, know who I know, be who I am, and see what happens. It could be me that you read about in the news and see on TV in the future. Keep your fingers crossed...

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