London hours

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Tod has been "working London hours" for the past week. Because he needs to communicate with his colleagues in London, he stays up late working at home til 2 or 3 am, then gets up at 10, works a little more from home and heads into the office at about noon or 1 pm. He heads home for a dinner break at around 7, and spends the rest of the night working.

He is a night person so this is an ideal schedule for him. I'm quite the opposite. Give me a morning and I'll get things done. By the time Tod's waking up, I've accomplished plenty on my To Do list but by 3:00, I usually want to stop.

When he started this (he's always up late working, but now the office let's him arrive late, so he sleeps late, too), I didn't think it would really make any difference to my schedule, since we don't interact too much during the day anyway. But it does. I seem to be staying up later myself, though I get up at my usual time. I need to adjust myself to this new routine, though I don't know exactly how...

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