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//rant on//

The Japanese real estate system is exceedingly frustrating. With Tod soon unemployed, we'll need to change our housing lease. Currently it is in the company name; now it will need to be in our name. That shouldn't be such a big deal since we have ample funds to cover the rent through the end of the contract.

But it looks like this is going to be a headache of massive proportions. The landlord doesn't like unemployed tenants. They'd prefer to deal with employer-held contracts. I'm not sure what they can do if we continue paying the rent...kick us out? On what grounds?

In addition to that issue, there's the trouble of a guarantor. Personal leases require a guarantor who is willing to disclose all of their financial details to the realtor and to vouch for us. It's like having Dad co-sign your first mortgage.

Guarantors aren't just for foreigners or first time renters. All renters who have leases in their names have guarantors. At what point are the Japanese allowed to become fiscally responsible adults? Maybe never.

//rant off//

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