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Last night, Tod & I (and the UBS staff outing) had arena seats for the Jingu Hanabi Taikai. In addition to two spectacular 25 minute firework displays, there were concerts featuring famous musicians we don't know but the 30-something crowd went wild, so I guess we should have. Then again, the crowd were also excited about the sing-along version of YMCA, so maybe it's best that we don't know who these musicians are.

Usually my fireworks viewing is on someone's balcony or among the crush of people gathered, so having a seat and the perfect view was a nice treat. It was interesting, too, to realise that each flight of explosives was sponsored and to see the commercials placed between each group. The sponsor was announced while a video clip or animation flashed on the big screen of the baseball stadium where we sat and a laser show picked out the sponsor's logo. Then the next set of fireworks started.

Everyone in the crowd was surprised when the stage lights went on andTakefuji Yen Shop dancers appeared live on stage. Yen Shop, a loan company, is known for its ads featuring leotard-clad jazz dancers. I've no idea what jazz dance has to do with loans, but the girls on stage were great dancers and fun to watch. And the Takefuji fireworks were pretty good, too.

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