Sketching storyboards

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This morning I am sketching storyboards for a video project I'm planning. By the end of the day I will have drawn 137 frames. My sketches are cartoonish and probably not illustrative to anyone except me. How is anyone going to know that the green line on a grey background with three white boxes above is a train? Those red and black blobs are me, can you tell?

Despite the low quality of the drawing, the sketches help me to see where the action takes place. Even though I know what I think I want--the script is typed up and I've noted the general composition of each shot--actually drawing it helps to fix the details. I can do this shot at Iidabashi station, near the entrance facing the street. Then if I turn the camera towards the station for another scene later on, I have two "locations" but only one trip to the station.

I hope to get the pre-production planning done by next week so I can start shooting in early September.

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