DE-J Workshops on CD

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They're done! The DigitalEve Japan workshop CDs that I've been working on since May are finally complete. I finished the cover art last night and we'll be taking advance orders for them on Saturday at my Digital Photography workshop. But only if the Steering Committee decides on a price...probably somewhere around 2000 yen.

I like the cover art. I did the tray inserts first with all the details of what's on the CD. The covers, which are simple, highly pixelated pictures of the instructors (me & MJ), were much harder to do. My favorite part of the cover and tray is the silly callout box. "4 illustrated lessons! 33 minutes of video! 15 exercises! 8 Internet links!"

I think the contents of the CD are good, too. We've covered a lot of ground. I really like the Dreamweaver one, which I taught to a live audience in May. I've refined what I covered then, adding some more detail and explanations. It's a useful tutorial on templates, style sheets and other handy features of Dreamweaver. MJ's audio CD presents a broad overview of digital sound for beginners then walks through creating MP3s and listening to Internet radio.

If you'd like to order either of these, please drop me an e-mail. I'll send you more details.

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