Surreality x 3

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Surreality 1: MJ & I met with a would-be actress who was representing a production company. She took us to a temple to meet with the producer. We sat in the middle of a gorgeous tatami room surrounded by worshippers chanting. The producer didn't appear. We booked out of there before we could be initiated into whatever weird cult this might be...

Surreality 2: I had MJ's in-law's over for dinner. And her husband and his brother and their bandmate and their bandmates's bandmate. Excepting MJ, none of them speaks much English. The conversation was pretty wild. We all laughed a lot at one another. (L to R: Kazu ("sexless drummer"), Shingo (rockabilly bassist), Masaki, Mum & Auntie)

Surreality 3: While trying to identify a multi-legged insect (does this bug look familar to you?), discovered that the male platypus is venomous.

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