5 senses minus 2

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Today's work session got us to use senses and dreams to help give our poetry fresh images. But my headcold has bolluxed smell and taste, so my poems are missing something today.

This afternoon we went out to The Arches, a series of natural stone bridges at the coast. Very pretty and scary to walk across them!

We were to use the environment as a inspiration for a poem. I turned my back on the arches and the ocean and wrote about something inland. This isn't finished, in fact, I'm not at all happy with it, but here's what I wrote:

Hills of Beara

Hounds gnaw on bones, waiting so still, so long
Abandoned by masters, transformed by time
They've greened a half-barren velvet.
Stone dogs ignore the progress of ways
Tangled through their grey paws
And gaze at the vast, lapping water dish.


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