Descriptive words

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This morning we began our day by making lists of words that we think are beatuiful, annoying, and terrifying/dangerous. Could be the word itself, or the thing the word stands for.

We read our lists aloud and were encouraged to jot down any words that we heard that struck us. Theft of words is allowed in poetry. For the rest of the week, we discovered words from our lists in one another's poems. It was neat.

Our assignment for today was to think of an old object that was worthless but dear to us and to describe it in detail, and to use metaphor at the end to show that it was important.

Mohair Sweater

Golden hair matted over crimson knitting
Unstitched rows repaired with clumsy knots
See-through elbows let in breezes
Buttons waggle in frayed holes.
It warms only my imagination
But I still buy clothes to match it.


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