Household forensics

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Because there are big chunks of time when Tod is awake while I'm sleeping, every morning I look around the house to see what's changed. Sometimes I get a very clear picture of what's gone on while I rested.

For example, if I peek into the sink and find a wooden bowl dusted with a bit of salt, I know Tod had a snack while he was working. If I check in the rubbish bin, I'll probably see the packaging for his favorite pepper-coated popcorn.

Earlier this week, I was out of the house for nearly 24 hours. When I came in the next morning, I saw Tod's sneakers at the door. Not his usual work shoes. He was in bed in a t-shirt. Not his usual pajamas. His laptop was near the bed. I concluded (correctly) that he hadn't gone into the office the day before.

This morning's clues have me confused. Two square zabuton floor pillows are on the sofa. Tod must have been lying down in the living room and using them to prop up his head. The pocket door between the kitchen and hall is partly closed.

I wonder what was going on last night?

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And you call yourself a scientist.... Yet you ignore the largest variables in the house. How can you possibly figure out such things when the zous are in the house? They may be trying to simply confuse you.

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