Afternoon midnight

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Sun set at 4:36 this afternoon. By the time we reach December, the sun will disappear at 4:28. We may as well live at the North Pole.

Every year at about this time, I'm suddenly surprised by the short days. I know it's nearly winter and I should expect it, but come on--4:28? There's still too much to do for the day to be over. Maybe it's because I'm a morning person, but after the sun sets my activities slow to a relaxed halt.

Still, we have it better than Chicago, where things got dark at 4:33 today, or London, where people were turning on lights after 4:16.

If you want to see what time the sun sets today, go to Time And and type your city's name in the Search box. They also have a nifty countdown that tell you how long until a date. It's 1234 days until my 40th birthday!

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and a millenium until you act your age :p

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