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Following the chain from Arsenic, I'm giving a tour of my office this morning.

1. The equipment rack. Topped by an unused PowerMac 7300, the docking station for Tod's laptop, speakers and some CD blanks. I'd rather have some plants here...

2. The partially broken fax machine and the working printer. Below you can see a hint of our server and my G4 tower.

3. My desk, complete with the ever-present green coffee cup. My LCD monitor sits on a cardboard box to prevent me from slouching too much. My chair sports a fleece throw to keep my legs warm.

4. The video camera. It's sitting there because I still haven't finished capturing the video I shot in September. I've got about 2 hours of tape to go.

5. The veranda. I have the blinds closed in an attempt to make the photo less glare-y. I love the veranda; it's an extension of the office. That's my treasured Royal Fan palm in the left hand corner.

6. The tea station. In the afternoons, when I've finished the coffee, I make pots of tea with this hot water pot. My office is so narrow that it's within arm's reach. Very convenient but I have to be careful when I water the philodendron as it has a tendency to leak all over the tea station.

7. Art supplies. Neatly packed in tin and aluminum boxes, I have paper, paints, brushes and printing supplies. I hardly ever use them anymore, though the small red and black canvas on top of this rack is my summer painting project. I think I will paint over it for winter.

8. The Zous. They are sitting on my credenza where they like to kibitz while I work. They have not yet solved the IE 6 alignment problem, but maybe I'll set them to work on it today. Sama says he'd rather go to the zoo...


Hi Kris, Thanks for a view of your office, Looks cozy and I LOVE the veranda. Where will the plants live in the winter? Is the new apartment warmer in winter than the last one?


rockin' office :)

Winters are warm enough in Tokyo that the plants will stay outside; it rarely falls below freezing. So far, this apartment seems warmer than the last house, which was a giant draft with walls.

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