Culture Day

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I'm not sure what people are supposed to do on Culture Day. Go to museums, maybe.

We went to a seaside park, had a chilly picnic lunch and wandered around the embankment enjoying the breeze and the sunset. After dark, we abandoned our plan to ride the ferris wheel (an hour is entirely too long to wait for an amusement ride) and went to the arcade instead.

busgame.jpgTod tried his hand (but not both) at driving a city bus. He managed to pick up a few passengers before his time ran out but he wouldn't cut it as a Toei Bus driver. I tried the game, but kept crashing and driving in the wrong lane. Just like real life...

I did much better when I played a "walk the dog" simulation. I walked on a treadmill and held a leash while watching the antics of a video dog. The dog loved it when I ran with him. So did the people who were watching me. I was tired by the time we got to the "pet store."

So our culture day celebrated pop culture. As Tod jokes, let's get some petri dishes...

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