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As year's end approaches, I am to getting a bit antsy (or is that ANSI?) because my "partially completed" project list is looking almost more impressive than my "completed" list.

In progress: 25,000 words of a novel, the video project, a few sections of, a couple of collaborative projects and all the usual ongoing things that actually earn me money. The money-making projects will very soon reach the completed list.

As for the rest...they weigh on my mind. What to do first? Capture those remaining video clips and start editings? Pick up the novel again? Get cracking on the holiday cards?

Nah, I think I'll start another project. An idea that came out of my novel, actually, for some wearable technology. If I can get this done in the next couple of weeks, I will debut it at the round of holiday parties this year. :-)

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The video girlie!!!!

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