Tuning into something


Yesterday, MJ & I were discussing earthquake preparedness and our lack thereof; neither of us has quite the recommended supplies on hand. Today Jon Watts, who I know from the FCCJ, has an article in the Guardian about that exact topic.

Two days ago, Tod & I were discussing the medication that seems to pile on as you age. I, for one, would like to avoid that. One thing I absolutely won't take are post-menopausal hormones. What turns up today? An article on CNN citing a new study about hormone replacement therapy.

This evening, when asked what I'd like for dessert, I answered cheesecake sadly certain that there isn't much cheesecake in our neghborhood. But a trip to the conbini turned up slices of "New York Cheesecake" in the fridge case, and also cheesecake flavored Collon!

So I must be tuned into the cosmic something or other. My mind is catching the waves of the newswriters and marketing copywriters around me.; somehow I sense what's about to be published or become a trand. If that's the case, I'm looking forward to root beer and to pierogies real soon.


Try to find any kind of real cheese in the jp grocery store. It is a sad state of affairs for the stuff they call cheese.

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