Winter chill-chasers

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The past week has been an early blast of winter--chilly wind, even a hint of snow in the air, though none's actually fallen. Everyone is predicting a cold one this year.

On the streets, the fashionable are wearing velvet blazers or light jackets and have wrapped incongruously thick and bulky scarves around their necks. I see this every winter and I wonder if there is a Japanese superstition about keeping your neck well bundled.

I don't have a scarf, but today I dug out my fuzzy slippers and tossed my lap blanket over my legs as I sat in the office. My fingers are chilly, but I'm not willing to turn on the heat so early in the season. After all, it's still 14 degrees (57F), hardly icy by anyone's standards.

The sun is setting now. Tonight I'll warm myself with some oden or maybe just lots of nice, steamy tea.

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It was cold and wet here in Dallas for almost all of October, but the sun finally returned come November. The temperature has actually topped out around 80 degrees F the past few days, although the changing leaves and crystal clear sky would fool you into thinking it was much cooler.

And I was just starting to get used to the chill.

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