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MJ is soon to launch an online resource for Japanese and foreign web designers, programmers, print designers, information architects and other design and development professionals in Tokyo.

In addition to being an online resume database, there will be a collection of article son the in and outs of doing business as a designer. I spent my afternon drafting the inaugural piece, 650 words on four key responsibilities that clients and designers need to consider when project planning. I'll follow this up with some handy checklists for web project specifications and content.

So now that I've written the articles, MJ better get herself gear and get the site launched! (Right after this week's rush jobs, our trips to the gym and a little bit of sleep, naturally)


Yes Ma'am!

*salutes, charges off*

That sounds cool. Since I know a bunch of designers working on web in Japan, they may want to be connected. Let us know when it is on line.

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