Bonen-, Niji- & Sanji- Kais

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Last night's DigitalEve Japan bonenkai was great fun. We enjoyed a yummy Italian buffet at Trunk in Omotesando and it was fun to catch up with some of hte members I haven't seen in a while.

After the party, a handful of us decided on a short nijikai (second party) and walked up to Harajuku to have a drink at the Pink Cow, an eclectic house turned into a bar. We met some interesting people (a guy who programs for Sega and a voice recognition geek) there and the owner, Tracey, offered to let DE-J use the space for meetings.

When we left at midnight, MJ invited me over for a pajama party. We stayed up 'til 6 am chatting about everything from pets to parents at our own private sanjikai (third party). We fell asleep before Yoshi came home at 8:30, but I got up, said good moring and left around 9.

I'm not so much of a party person, but this was a fun evening. I'm exhausted now, though!

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