Less time, more details


The longer we work on the FCCJ project, the more details unfold and issues spring up. Our deadline for completing the coding is the end of this month. Our aim is to launch the site on 28 January.

The To Do list gets longer as the time grows shorter on every project, of course, but this time I'm not doing everything myself. There's a team of four of us. My job is mainly to test things as they are done, to find/report problems and to communicate between FCCJ & the development team at Blue Beagle.

I feel so fussy, though. A lot of the items on the To Do list are picky little details. Let's face it, I want things the way I like them. I'll have to maintain and support the system and its content after launch and I want to ensure I can do it confidently.

Yesterday's drama-in-minature was changing the color of an outlined box style. The true blue currently there doesn't match the palette of teal colors in the rest of the site. Picky point, right? It took four mails to convince the designer. What she doesn't realise is that I can go fix the CSS later myself if I don't like what she's done.

Today? Who knows...


I agree, that blue has to go!

Looks good - I agree with the blue but I like the image on the top...

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