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We varied a bit from our usual Christmas routine of work-shop-pizza. This year I cooked dinner. Nothing terribly difficult, a nice beef stroganoff paired with a variation on a beet and goat cheese salad from Epicurious and our favorite Tintara Shiraz. They were delicious; definitely recipes I'll make again.

As usual, I sent Tod to work with a tray full of cookies, then collected him from the office at about 5:30. We headed off to Shinjuku to do our Christmas shopping then came home by about 8:30, wrapped presents and dined.

xmastree.jpgWhen Tod leaves for work, there is no evidence of the holiday. When he arrives home, the living room is unveiled in all its do-it-yourself Christmas glory. For the past few years, I've been making the holiday tree out of found objects; this year I planned ahead a bit and bought some shiny things. This year's tree was made of three bamboo poles, some glitter-coated plastic snowflakes, beads, and two spotlights.

As you can see, there are a lot of presents under the tree. We received a 25 pound box from Tod's parents on Christmas Eve. I always feel like there's way too much for us and I want to share with others. Our haul of Christmas goodies includes books, music, warm clothes, toys, 18 pounds of candy (all from that 25 pound box!), and my favorite present--a technicolor fur collar from Tod. The books and candy will get shared around with friends but I'm not passing around my furry bit. :-)

xmascake.jpgAfter putting away all the newly unwrapped gifts, we finished off the festivities at midnight with a slice of Christmas cake in bed. It's a simple sponge cake filled with peaches and whipped cream and top with more whipped cream and strawberries--surprisingly light and delicious.

I was exhausted from my busy day of cooking, decorating and shopping. After the cake, I dropped off to sleep in about 46 seconds. I hardly even managed two pages of my new novel...

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woo hoo! you got furry bits!

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