Coffee situation

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Shortly before the end of the year, we replaced our coffee maker. The old one was starting to act up--probably due to four maintenance-free years of service--and we decided that it was probably easier and cheaper to replavce it than to try to fix it.

So we bought a new Phillips 12-cup coffee maker. Compared to our old 6-cup model, it's gigantic. Tod says I don't have to brew a full pot, but how can I not? Coffee is great stuff. I've gone from a modest one and a half mugs of coffee every day to 3 whole mugs. I'm just a little hyper now. O so productive!

We also picked up a thermal carafe. Directly after the coffee's brewed I pour it into the carafe and it's still hot (and more importantly not burned) when Tod wakes up several hours later.

So our home coffee life is improved and I'm getting more done than usual.

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