Disaster plan


Since the US increased its terrorist alert to "orange" level, there's been lots of news about what to do in the event of a terrorist attack.

One thing that's being sugested is to have an action plan for the family in the event of an attack. Identify meeting points; know your local emergency evacuation points for schools and so on; keep a kit of emergency rations and blankets handy.

It really seems like they stole the earthquake disaster plans from Japan and stuck "terrorist attack" in them in place of "natural disaster."

So where do you meet your people in the event of a disaster?


Honestly I'm surprised they don't expect us to duck and cover under our desks, they wanna bring the 1950's back so badly. My plan is to not be afraid. I won't let the terrorists instill fear in me and I certaintly won't let the United States Government instill fear in me. I will continue to do things as I had always done them.
I have been wanting to fly badly since September 12, 2001 but need a place to go and a reason to be there.

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