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I live three lives.

In Tokyo, I've got an efficient, logical life with lots of work, friendly mates, and productivity. I love the city. I relish being outside my culture. And the challenges of living here keep things interesting. I am very comfortable and happy here.

In Chicago, my "life" is deep relationships. I have friends who are so close to me that I can walk around naked in front of them and they don't point and laugh. When I cry, they know just what to do to make me feel better. We love one another.

Online, I have some integration between the two. Weblog, chat, e-mail, and lots of communication tools that I use to try to link the other two lives. My virtual world is almost as real, and certainly as important to me, as the other two physical places.

But being here in Chicago, I realise that I actually miss my friends more than I usually let myself admit because it makes me sad and I hate to be sad. I wish there were a way to have my friends all move to Japan (or move Japan to my friends). Age old dilemma, isn't it?

Wishes are pointless. Actions are better. Must find a good action to take. Any ideas?

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