My computer says it's 5:28 on Thursday morning. The clock on the stove across the room says 2:28 in the afternoon on Wednesday. Kris is climbing the stairs to the apartment--coming home early from work. John is telecommuting on a conference call in the other room. Tod is working on a programming project. I am in my pajamas having just finished some work of my own.

Time is topsy-turvey. I think I blogged for Tuesday on Monday night, when it was already Tuesday in Tokyo. Have I blogged for today yet?


Saigetsu hito o matazu.

> Saigetsu hito o matazu.


Saigetsu is a pretty uncommon word I think, but I think it means "years" like how many years old a person is. Hito is person, and 'matazu' is either the short form of 'matazure' which means 'sore crotch' (don't ask me why japanese has a special word for this) or an old fashioned way of saying 'without waiting'.

So it's either saying 'the old guy has crotch rash' or maybe 'the years are not waiting for the person'.

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