Laundry day

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mylaundry.jpgToday is a sunny contrast to yesterday's windy, snowy weather. Everyone has their things hanging out to dry--umbrellas, futon, washing of all sorts.

I've done my sheets and they are now blowing about in the breeze off my veranda. They'll take next to no time to dry, even though the sun is going in and out behind the clouds. I do hope they don't blow off into the neighbor's garden or onto the train tracks below. Should probably go pin them down with the giant plastic clamps I use.

When I hung them, I made a tactical error. I didn't notice the layer of grime on the railing until after I'd laid the sheets over it. I should have figured it would be there. Normally, I clean the railings weekly, but it's been over a month and they are pretty gritty. I forgot to do them yesterday when I did the rest of the dusting.

My sheets are going to have little lines of dirt on them. Oh, well.

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