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I learned at my mother's knee that a list is a great way to focus on what needs to be done. Since my brain is not too happy about focussing at the moment, the list I made this morning at 4:30 is guiding me gently through the day.

I'm surprised at what I've managed to accomplish despite the continuing jetlag.

So far this morning I've ticked off: clean kitchen, change lightbulb in shower, rewrite FCCJ password instructions, put away laundry, and hand wash sweaters. Later on today I will get to "do Japanese taxes" or else I'll take a nap.

I've also given the Zous a hand with their website by uploading some new postcards and launching their latest venture--Zousan t-shirts

Next on the list: sort through closet and dresser. I brought home new clothes, so I need to make room. It's a one-for-one deal in this house. New in, old out. Please excuse me while I go get a garbage bag.

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