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Spurred on by a toilet paper remix sent in by a stranger (Josh, I love it; may I post it?), I visited his site and went surfing from there. Random surfing is a rarely indulged luxury/guilty pleasure (but my blog was in Josh's list along side Neil Gaiman's, so I automatically validate his list and love Josh!) and here are two gems I found:

Girls Are Pretty. Every day is a celebration. This is some of the wittiest writing I've read in ages (but see P.P.S. below).
Leslie Harpold and her weblog. Gotta love anyone who's got "all wrongs reserved" on her site. Click around to find the hidden treasures.

And the amazing Pepys' Diary. I've read this one before (online and in print). I wonder what his aim was? He was an audience of one but did he have ideas of grandeur? Can't really say "delusions of grandeur" since his diary has been published for many generations. How many of us bloggers hope for the same? Old Samuel didn't really have a more remarkable life than we do, but he was one of the few diarists whose records survived.

P.S. Tod just refered to me as his "long suffering wife" on #perl and someone one there asked "chronic?". Yes. Brilliant. Chronic wife.

P.P.S. Have been feeling ill all day and now Tod is plying me with whiskey tea and gin tonic. Making no sense, but amusing self wildly. Sorry...

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"...on #perl and someone one there asked "chronic?". Yes. Brilliant. Chronic wife."

Are you certain they weren't just inquiring whether smoking a blunt was the coping mechanism, yo?

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