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Our health insurance is through a company called TSK that specialises in insurance for employees of computer-related companies. It works in conjunction with National Health, but I'm not exactly sure how, though I know that every hospital that accepts National Health takes this insurance, too.

But it's more than just covering doctor's bills. TSK sends out a magazine every now and again that lists all of their services. Healthy, Sports & Resort Life Magazine Toco Toco came this week and it's full of curious things.

sannou02.jpgThe first section of the magazine is devoted to statistics, policies and health checks. TSK has 4,065 companies registered and insures 156,876 people.

Insurance companies run their own clinics. TSK has 3 in Tokyo, where the insured can go for an annual physical. This includes a chest x-ray, ultrasound and bloodwork. Men over 35 get a bonus-- a prostate check. I know how much all the Perot guys look forward to turning 35. If you're over 50, you can have an elective MRI every three years.

kidori_menp1.jpgWhen you're finished with your check-up, perhaps you'll be feeling a little peckish. In the same buildings as the clinics, the insurance company has restaurants.

Prices for meals are discounted for TSK members--the dinner course shown here is 3,000 yen for members, 5,000 yen for others. Weddings and party banquets also catered and conference rooms are available for half-day or full-day functions.

tateyama-010.jpgIf you're hoping for some relaxation, why not spend a few days at a TSK "TosLove" resort? There are four of them, all offering bathing and pools, meals, and relaxing environments outside Tokyo for only 5,000 per night (including breakfast and dinner). I think the one at Tateyama sounds best because there's a horse riding club nearby for only 900 yen, and a place to try making your own pottery. The other resorts also have attractions, like a ropeway, a water park and all of Hakone's sights.

But if TosLove's resorts aren't your style, TSK offers discounts at hotels and resorts all around the country as well as package tours to Guam, Hawaii and domestic locations. There's a place in Sapporo where you can spend the night for 1,000 yen. Fancy a night at the swanky Hotel Okura--only 5,000 yen including breakfast. Usually rooms at the Okura are 30,000 and up per night. Of course, there's a small catch. You have to apply through TSK at least two months in advance for all these places. But if you're planning a holiday, instead of just winging it like I ususally end up doing, this is a great bargain.

TSK's benefits don't end there, though. If you want day tickets to the gym or golf courses, those are available, too. As are tour events, like a "bus hike" to go fishing in the countryside, or a trip to Universal Studios Japan. Just plan ahead and get in line...

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I used to get that magazine when I was working for an Internet company here, and I never knew what it was and where it was coming from. I never really bothered to look at it. Thank you for shedding some light on that!

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