fabric.jpgShopping for fabric makes my head spin.

There are some excellent shops in Tokyo and my favorite is Kinkado in Ikebukuro.

Traditional Japanese textures and colors are lovely and Kinkado stocks scads of Western colors, too, but it is so hard to choose. I'm lucky to have a wealth of gorgeous fabrics to work with but it takes hours to look at everything and come to a decision.

I used to have a big trunk full of fabric from projects I wanted to do but never started, or started but didn't finish. I am not letting that happen again. I've decided that I am not going to buy more than what I need for one project at a time, so I can't allow myself to be indecisive. One fabric, the notions to complete the project and that's all. Even if there's beautiful wool on sale or flannel that would be perfect for pajamas next winter.

After two hours of shopping today, I ended up with biege cotton printed with brush-style Japanese writing that I'll make into casual pants for summer. It's in the wash now and I'll cut it tomorrow.


What will your new pants say?

They say...

Summer winter mountain water bamboo color onsen rain mountain grass water spring stop ground think thousand write fun face

and a bunch of other random kanji that don't really go together.

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