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mfop-badge.jpgMoblogging, sending entries to your weblog via your mobile phone, is all the rage in Tokyo right now. With camera-equipped phones it's easy to capture the essence of an event and post about it "live." Or maybe just bore the pants off your readers while you amuse yourself taking photos on the train.

Regardless of what content you offer, you need a gateway to take the mail from your phone and get it into your weblog. Kevin Cameron wrote one called Mfop - Moblogging for Other People.

At last week's Webloggers meetup, Kevin asked if I'd do him up a button that people could use to link their Mfop sites back to his.

jbml.gifI'd just finished a quickie logo/button for Stuart Woodward's Japan Bloggers mailing list and was in the spotlight as the Queen of Ten Minute Logos.

For Mfop, I created the button using one of Kevin's awesome bird photos, and threw in a page logo and design ideas as a bonus. Kevin implemented the design to match another one of his pages and now Mfop is looking pretty stylish.

1 Comment

Kristen, this is so cool! You are so clever and the world just keeps getting smaller and more techy all the time. I am glad you keep yourself right in the midst of it! Good for you!

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