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My 1000th entry inspired me to keep on cleaning up and changing things around here.

There's a new tabbed layout at the top of the page. It's part of my "move to CSS layout, old browsers be damned" campaign. The tabs are done in CSS, but I can't take much credit; I'm standing on the shoulders of Dive into Mark's Pure CSS Tabs.

And I've finally decided on my categories. I've got 19 of them now (sorry, Tracey, no toilet category) and old posts are slowly making their way into the correct categories. If you click on the category displayed at the end of each entry, you'll jump to the archive of everything in that category. Thanks, Kurt, for the suggestion.

Also, my RSS feeds are corrected and should work with all the RSS readers. That prompting to upgrade from the broken MT2.5 templates came via Gabriel at snydic8 this morning. They want to list the Zous, so I did us both. Maybe mediatinker will get picked up as well. (5/21: it did!)

I've also added a section to the navigation at the right that points to some of the stuff I've done and interesting projects I've contributed to. May as well promote myself to my 650 daily visitors. OK, I do realise that a lot of those 650 visits are by RSS readers and robots, but still...

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650/day? Wow, nice. I thought my 375/day was pretty decent :) Keep up the good work. CSS is hard, and takes a while to get right, but makes for easier upkeep in the future, I think.

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