Shopping 2'49"

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It's very much a work in progress this week but "in progress" is better than nothing. I think Video Saturday deadlines will get this project done. Thanks for all the nice comments and support. You've renewed my enthusiasm that this video is worthwhile.

I managed to drop four minutes of video onto the timeline this week and I recorded placeholder voiceovers while sitting at my desk one morning. I don't think you can hear the trains rumbling past but I really need to be more careful of my aspirated Ps.

There's footage still to be shot (you'll see two blank sections), filters to apply to some of the clips, and timing adjustments all over the place! You're getting to see a scant three minutes, because I ran out of time to get the last 70 seconds presentable. So stay tuned for next week's edition...

For now, it's play video Shopping, Part 1. Quicktime, 1.9 MB. 2'49"

1 Comment

I just love that shot of the little girl with her trolley!

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