Cut & Sewn

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Since getting a sewing machine, I've been paying a lot more attention to what people are wearing. This summer's hot trend in shirts weems to be something they are calling "cut and sewn." As if most clothes aren't...?

cutandsewn.gif"Cut and sewn" are knit tops made of lightweight t-shirt fabric. They're gathered along some of the seamed edges--I guess that's why they have to be cut and sewn, rather than merely flat expanses of fabric.

I observed a "cut and sewn" on the train yesterday that was really over the top.

Done up in a pale grey heather t-shirt knit that was so thin it was nearly see-through, it had 3/4 length raglan sleeves (the kind on zoupi's t-shirt), gathered at the crest of the shoulder. But that's not all. It also had a V neckline and an empire waist gathered front and back along the seams. And it was finished with a sporty pastel rainbow ribbing at the cuffs and tunic length hem.

The woman was wearing it with a salmon-pink wool suit skirt and strappy high heels. Repeat after me: fashion victim.

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