Writing in Ireland

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anamcaraheader2.jpgMy sister, Jennifer, is a poet.

Last October she organized a poetry workshop in Ireland that I attended along with my entire immediate family.

It's on again for this October 11 - 18.

I highly recommend it. Not just because it features a talented poet that I used to play Barbies with...though that might have a little bit to do with it.

During our week's stay in Ireland, I learned huge amount of stuff--from practical writing tricks on how to create metaphor and write concrete descriptions to revelations of my personal inner strife that writing poetry seemed to bring to the surface.

And the rugged western coast of County Cork, Ireland, is a beautiful place. It's easy to see why people think Ireland is magical. Rainbows, beautiful skies, so much green. Just like they always say, only better. Not to mention the only-in-Ireland beers in the local pubs.

If you're looking for an interesting, educational and uplifting week's holiday this year, please take a look at the details for the 2003 Anam Cara Poetry Workshop.

1 Comment

What a nice family! and what a wonderful photo! Did you take the photos of rainbows? I sometimes tried to do-- but not succeed yet.

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