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Two minutes after Tod walked out the door towards Zurich, I was at my computer working on Hello Tokyo. The first task at hand was to review what I've done so far. There are 8 sections in the video:

1. Title Sequence - Complete
2. Phrases - rough edits
3. Food - rough edits
4. Shopping - rough edits
5. Entertainment - rough edits
6. Getting Around - rough edits
7. Conclusion - shot, unedited
8. Credits - nothing done

So I'll work on the sections one at a time until I get them all done. I made good progress today, pretty much completing "Phrases."

- Recorded, captured and finessed voiceovers for Phrases
- Shot, captured and edited 3 bits of B-roll for Phrases
- Added in new voiceovers and B-roll
- Brought edits and transitions into line with Title Sequence styles
- Added music to Phrases

I need to let it sit for a day or two then review it carefully before I can really declare it done. No doubt there are a few jaggy edges to fiddle with, but it's 97% there now.

And for the benefit of my sweetheart, who worries that I eat poorly when he's not around, I'll be lisiting my daily food input. Today's menu: 3 cups of coffee; slice of toast and cherry yogurt; 4 glasses of water; romaine and tomato salad; cold chili con carne with saltines.

Bonus Video
This is a rather graphic, creepy-crawly video I shot this afternoon at home. An army of ants battles a 3 cm long green beetle. (no noodle eating poodles in sight, though) The beetle, which seems to be a Scarabaeidae Anomala from Okinawa, retreated safely after 6 or seven minutes.

play video Beetle Battle 0'41" (4.4 MB MPEG 4)


Poor beetle! It's really pretty. Wish we had that kind here.

hi , kristen

will hello tokyo come out on dvd too ?
would be nice since i don't own a vhs . by the way - i found this to be pretty convienient : http://convert.french-property.co.uk/

bfn keep up the weird work axel

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