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I re-edited the Food section today. It looks good, but it's very brief and really only touches on eating out.

I managed to get it donw so speedily that I opened up the Shopping section this afternoon. On review, I decided that I really ought th move all the bits about shopping for food and deciphering labels into the Food section following the eating out information. That will even out the times a bit and it just makes sense.

So I'll be staying up late tonight to rewrite the script, see where I can use stock footage I have on hand to fill the transitional gaps and to try to get the roughs done. There's still hot coffee in the thermos pot from this morning, so I'm all set.

No need to worry about my nutrition or loneliness today. I met my social quota for the week by enjoying Indian lunch with MJ and running down to Zushi for UltraBob's homemade hummus at dinner.

P.S. Look up at the night sky to see Mars. It's that gorgeous, bright pink light. On Wednesday, it will be the nearest to Earth it can get--about 34 million miles--a once in 59,619 year event.

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