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Today's goal was to get the food section reorganized. I added an entirely new bit about deli food, as well as pulling the footage out of the shopping section, recording more b-roll and voiceovers. (Thank goodness for b-roll and voiceovers!)

Except for a little bit of missing footage that I will shoot tomorrow at dinnertime (I want to show a plate full of home-cooked food on the dinner table), I've reached today's goal. The food section expanded from 45 seconds to about 2'15". I think that's a much better length for such an important topic.

Tomorrow I will work on the newly shortened shopping section. MJ laughed and grimaced at all the shopping footage we shot last year, but it's really coming in handy now...it's in so many of these sections!

Hey, if anyone knows of a good short-run DVD duplicating service, please pass the details to me. I don't think I want to pay for 1,000 replicated DVDs (even though they would be better quality) because I'm not confident that my market is that big...

Yogurt and muesli, 5 cups of coffee, a peanut butter sandwich, and "deli items" that I taped for the food section.


5 cups of coffee? Wow. How late were you up?

I was in bed with a book by 10:30 pm. Even with coffee, life is rather slow when I'm on my own.


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