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I made small steps today. I shot, captured and edited in the cooking footage, and did some voiceovers I don't like. I'm finding it challenging to get the right levels. Some of the video was shot outdoors, some of it indoors and doing voiceover recording directly to my hard drive instead of to tape just isn't getting me the same crisp sound.

I should stop being lazy and do it the hard(er) way--record to tape using the same wireless mic setup I used before, then capture and edit from there. More steps but better sound. Pffft.

I picked at the shopping section, too, getting things into a better order, but haven't tried to redo those voiceovers yet. The temporary ones I did for the rough edit are really bad. I have a terrible tendency to aspirate my Ps. Must practice sucking them in when I say them.

Maybe tomorrow, I'll do a marathon of voiceovers. Get them out of the way. I'd better write out what I want to say, so I can read directly from a script. That will make it much easier to get the right tone. If I work extemporaneously, I tend to forget where I'm going, which leaves weird little gaps as I try to think of the next word.

I will never work as on-screen talent again. Or not until I've gotten some "talent" lessons under my belt. Or at least have someone else to direct me!

Leftovers from last night's deli shoot, 4 cups of coffee, a lemon water, some chocolate, and a dinner of swordfish on a bed of spinach and mushrooms. Wasn't as good as it could have been, because I put in too much wine. Wine evaporation looks great on-camera, though!

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