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Done! Although there may be a few tweaks remaining, the fully edited 12'55" video is compiling even as I type this. I am ecstatic that the editing is finished. Next challenge, burn it onto DVD and get it duplicated/replicated. Oh, and find some people who are interested in buying it.

I celebrated by going out with MJ, Jo & someone named Kana. Kana was entirely too energetic and wore me out with incessant chatter about her love life and lifestyle in California. But I enjoyed Jo and MJ's somewhat calmer and more intellectual company. We went for karaoke (how intellectual is that?) and left just before midnight...I missed my subway connection at Nagatacho by 90 seconds and had to taxi home. (despite the 8/29 date on this post, it's really 1 am on Saturday the 30th)

yogurt, 2 cups of coffee, 4 glasses of water, fried rice I made badly, garlic bread with gorgonzola sauce, some salads and stuff, 2 Campari sodas and a gin & tonic. Bad diet today, but I remember to take my vitamins. I will eat better tomorrow.


Sorry I didn't make it.. I was at my desk until 7am this morning. I went home for a brief nap and was back at 1pm.. ggrr.. it continues!!

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