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Today, a break. The video needs a rest and so do I. I kicked back and did some paying work, read Wired and had dinner with my friend Mike. Plus I gave Tod the lowdown on things to do in Zurich this weekend: maybe he'll go to the Lindt factory, or take the planet walk around Uetliberg.

Two slices of toast, 3 cups of coffee, tuna and crackers (one of my father's favorite snacks), vegetable juice, samosas, murgh lajeeg, vegetable korma, garlic naan, saffron rice, chai, two beers and two absinthe with water. Some chocolate. (Tod will know exactly where Mike & I went for dinner, I'll bet!)

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Tell your sweetie to bring you back some "namachoko" as omiyage from Switzerland :-)~
I heard that princess Masako offered a box of Stettler namachoko to the Crown Prince.


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