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There are a small handful of people in my life right now who make me stupidly happy. Every time we meet, I grin ear-to-ear and can't help rushing up to hug them. I babble incoherently in my excitement. If I were a puppy, I'd probably wet myself.

They aren't necessarily people I know very well and none of them has frequent contact with me. In some cases we've been close or worked together, now time and space have separated us. As it stands, I know only the surface of their experience.

The burst of joy comes precisely because our interaction is intermittent. With daily intercourse, I'd be drawn into the ups and downs of their lives and the jubilant magic would wear off. Keeping distance is what makes these people special but it would be awfully satisfying to shift to a solid friendship with any of them.

Is my elation requited? Probably not. I'm not bothered by it. I'm still grinning 18 hours after seeing Jon unexpectedly.

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