Enough already!

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No, it isn't finished, and my computer is being increasingly recalcitrant which make me doubt I'll ever get it done. Today was spent recovering from an overnight disaster that destroyed the entire project. I found a backup and sweated most of the day bringing it back to where it was last night at midnight. I've just gotten it squared away now and I'm ready to try to render again.

I'm sure we are all tired of all the dull and gruesome details of making Hello Tokyo, so consider this the final post in the saga. When it's done, I'll let you know.

And in other news:

I noticed yesterday that the Reference Kitten is now half price. That means my personal economy has just undergone a big devaluation...inflation...deflation? I don't know. If I understood economics I wouldn't calculate in kittens, would I? No matter what the right word is, everything costs twice as many kittens as it did last week. Except the reference kitten itself. I guess you can't sell a teenaged cat at kitten prices.

We had the most horrific thunderstorm this evening. The sky was red and there were five strikes that were near enough that I felt the electricity on my skin. I tried to sit out on the veranda to enjoy it, but it was too scary. After I turned off most of our valuable electronics, the Zous and I hunkered down in the living room and read aloud from The Complete Plain Words--guaranteed to calm the jumpiest elephant in half a page.

I captured some video of the cloud-to-cloud lightning and the moon peeking out as the storm moved away, but I won't have time to process it until Hello Tokyo is out of the way.

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