Forcing creativity

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Are you creative?

If I look around my spaces online and in real life, there's evidence that I am, and once in a while someone affirms it. But I don't usually feel creative. So to be more creative, I sometimes force myself to make more things, do things outside my usual realm, and build up my body of work.

And sometimes I set myself up for a public spectacle. On November 15th and 16th, I'll have a booth at Design Festa. What am I going to exhibit? No idea...yet. I'll choose a theme and work from there.

I'd really prefer to do this with others rather than solo, so here's an invitation:

COME BE CREATIVE WITH ME! Help me brainstorm theme ideas, and share my Design Festa booth. Add your music, video, art, photography or multimedia projects to my mix...

1 Comment

Looks like a great time! Wish I were closer.

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