Halfway there

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Every day I learn something new about FCP4. Last night, I read the manual aloud (to my ever-willing audience, Tod and Zousama)--Chapter 10: Audio Basics--and figured out some ways to approach my really grungy audio. This morning I put into practice what I read and, wow, it really made a difference.

This afternoon, I mastered the "Color Correction 3-way" filter. Another "wow, how useful!" moment.

I'm now 30 seconds shy of being halfway finished. I'll do these remaining seconds before I go to bed tonight because tomorrow I'm taking a day off to celebrate the autumnal equinox. After that, back to the editing grind. (Which isn't such a grind after all. I'm pleasantly surprised.)

My goal is to premiere Hello Tokyo at Design Festa on November 15th. Want to come see? I'll post more details soon.

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