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Disk space is sorted. I went through and carefully checked, double-checked and then deleted all the unused clips. I deleted about 180 that I'd captured for consideration but didn't put into the final cut. There are 247 video, audio and still files in the project. That's 19 clips/minute. It's not as overwhelming as it sounds.

So that housekeeping has cleared up enough space to move things around and give me room to render and compress. I'm feeling much relieved now. Thank you to everyone who offered suggestions on the weblog, in e-mail, and offline.

I'm at the stage in the project where the computer is maxing out its usually overspec'ed and rock solid capabilities. I've rebooted iru three times today when I pushed just a little too hard. Twice I've corrupted the Premiere preview files and had to re-render. And once I had to boot into OS 9 so that I could run Disk Warrior to fix suru, the SCSI disk where the project lives.

Digital video is a demanding task for any computer and this old G4 450MHz has seen its day. I'm looking forward to buying myself a new G5 early next year.

I'm tired of eating alone. Tod, dear, please come home. Today I had yogurt, 4 cups of coffee, three cookies and dinner at Ampresso.

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