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FCP may have deflated me the other day, but I'm back on top. I've figured out how to do most of the basics I need to do to get Hello Tokyo edited again.

But there are a lot of little quirky things I haven't sorted out yet and I keep having to think hard to do the basics. Still, I've made big progress over where I was two days ago and I should have the title sequence, the most complex part of the project, edited by the weekend.

Now I have to remember to mail in that rebate before it's too late!!

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I understand what you mean about getting your mind around FCP. I took a first time video production class in the local university last year and for the first time in many years, I felt really dumb. At first, I thought it was my age...very depressing...I decided that at 56, I had become too old to learn...oh, horror. But then I looked around and saw a lot of computer savvy whiz kids having the same problems as me....Whew!!. FCP is a marvelous program but there is so much to understand that there is a tremendous learning code. I still consider myself a novice but I think I am getting the hang of it. I am still using the schools machines but after the first of the year I am going to put it on my home PC and use it more. I love using video and am dying to use it in more internet related aspects.

One more comment. I am also a glass worker like your grand-father. He does stained glass and I am a glass blower.

I enjoyed your site very much. You are obviously quite talented. Hang in there you will figure out how to FCP.

By the way, I came across your page in looking for a way to alther my brand new blog. I read your tutorial on templates. It's great. Blog programming is my next goal.


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