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play video Design Festa vol 18. 0'50" (5.4 MB MP4)

The weekend was exhausting but exhilarating, too. I sold 3 DVDs, was interviewed three times, and met a lot of people, including a handful of filmmakers and a bunch of new supporters with great marketing ideas and connections.

I learned how to explain my film in one sentence in Japanese: Nihongo wo hanasenai hito no Tokyo no setsumei bideo desu (It's a video that explains Tokyo to people who don't speak Japanese.) But my pitch is a little bit different in English, "This video gives advice on living in Tokyo to newcomers who don't read or speak Japanese." If I continue beyond that, I find myself quoting lines from the video; it's sort of funny.

Thanks to all the friends who stopped by my booth: Julianne, Gregman, Tracey (who watched the booth while I ran off to buy a hat!), Jo, Lisa, Kate, Greg & Yasu, who was so inspired that he's planning a booth for his photography at the next Design Festa. UltraBob gets big credit for burning my DVDs and lending an ear when I needed to vent. Tod deserves a tasty carrot for being my favorite pack mule.

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Congratulations on selling the DVD. And thanks for the free video workshop download. It's quite useful for me. I'm about to buy a digital videocam, because I've got it in my head that with a background as a newspaper reporter and editor, I could do some stories on all the interesting characters around town.

The camcorder I'm planning to buy, probably this week, is supposedly the smallest 3CCD consumer model, Panasonic PV-GS70 (aka NV-GS70), which has a Leica lens. I tried it in a few stores, and the 3CCD seemed to make a big difference in picture quality. I've now reached the limit of my video know-how.

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