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Well, no reason to take a breather on the film front; now that Hello Tokyo's done, I've got two fun things lined up.

First is an entry in the Gershwin Showcase for the Vail Film Festival. I've got the idea and I know the music I want. Now I need to write the script and find a cast and crew to shoot it. Anyone want to help? I'm looking for a 30-something salaryman and a housewife for my cast.

The second project is much more involved. John Locke, an indie filmmaker (Sursum Films) sent me a mail on Sunday describing a project he's developing--sort of a serial drama involving a group of creative people. We'd talked about it a few weeks back and I hoped to get involved in the production and post-production.

Sunday's communique included more details and a draft of the first episode, plus this:

" here's the pitch. Would you like to not only participate in the production aspects, but also play the role of "Filmmaker"? I think you'd be great at it...and the role will tie in exactly what you do--someone who uses the internet to communicate, is creative, is an indie filmmaker, and who also has a network of creative friends and is motivated to do something. (How's that for YOU in a nutshell?)."

With a pitch like that, how could I say no? The draft script even named the filmmaker Kristen. Expect to see me on-screen as well as appearing in the production credits. I hope "Filmmaker" doesn't have too many lines; I'm crap at memorising. MJ can attest to that.


Get up and move while you recite your lines. You'll be surprised at how quickly you memorize them once you start blocking scenes too. Congrats on the cool new project!

We'll have to line up cue cards I reckon - otherwise your brain will explode (~^)

I want to be the housewife!

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