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This morning I am filling in the ISBN and JAN-code applications for Hello Tokyo. I've been putting this off because the forms look so intimidating. Actually, they're pretty simple and it's mainly filling in names and addresses.

But there are some slightly confusing areas:

Current stockpile amount: ___ items

As I'm just applying for an ISBN now and it makes no sense to print a book before you have the ISBN, my inventory is 0. I wonder how many applications have a number other than 0 in this blank? ISBNs aren't required in Japan, so maybe some publishers apply after the fact.

And on the JAN code form, it asks you to enter your ISBN publisher code...only I haven't got one yet since I'm just applying now, so what do I put? The instructions don't really cover that but they do say to submit the forms together.

Maybe I should have a Japanese native reader help me out just a bit on these points. I don't want to have to apply again; it's not cheap.

Ah, bureaucracy.

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