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Yesterday afternoon as Tod was leaving for work, he found a white tube outside our door and handed it to me

"Dunno what it is, but everyone seems to have them," he said, scanning up and down the hallway.

I pulled off the packaging to reveal the 2004 Metro Network Map. It's a large, detailed map of the subway system with exits and underground passageways marked. We held it up to the wall in the genkan and followed streets and trains until my arm felt numb and Tod was definitely late for work.

But we're not sure why we received this. Maybe Eidan is giving them to all the people who live along the exposed portion of the Marunouchi line? They were doing some work out there recently; maybe this is a little "pardon our dust" present.

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I've been looking for one of those this year - the one I have is from 2000 or so and doesn't even have the Oedo line on it yet.
They are tremendously handy - we keep ours on the inside of the laundry room door and consult with it often. (I think you've seen it. :-))
They used to be 200 yen, but have gone up to 350, I think. Still a great bargain.

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